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What It Means To Join MASH

MASH was built from the ground up. No sugar coating it. No short cuts. Just plain hard work and dedication over more than a decade of consistency. We believe in impact through relationships, community and transparency.  Everything we do begins with relationships and how we can serve the members of our community. This takes ruthless transparency and unwavering support. Done consistently over time, we have created a massive community that understands the collective mission and values we stand by. We only accomplish this by being disciplined on who we hire to stand tall and lead the next wave of Athletes.

Join us in our mission to Raise The Standard in Human Performance and 

  • Surround yourself with professionals dedicated to being the best at their craft.
  • Work alongside and collaborate with physical therapy, sports performance, and sport specific development professionals on a daily basis.
  • Have the autonomy to shape, innovate and improve our cutting edge training programs.
  • Directly impact a community of over 1000 people on a daily basis.

About MASH

Started in 2012 to provide baseball players a home to develop both on and off the field, MASH has matured into a dynamic business focused on all aspects of sports and human development. We have built a world class reputation of on field success and client support. 

As we have grown up, we have evolved into a full-service sports performance brand. No more going to and from multiple businesses to train. We are bringing the best in the business at skill acquisition,  strength and conditioning, and athletic medicine all into one company to support the complete athletic journey. 

The collective efforts of our current and past staff has resulted in the opportunity to build a state-of-the-art, 70,000 square foot training center that will attract local youth to professional athletes from across the country. 

Qualities we look for in our team members

Growth Minded. We cannot impact others to grow unless we ourselves are consistently asking ourselves how to improve. This means we take on a wide variety of staff relationships to serve individual growth.

Critical Thinking & Solution Oriented. We face challenges daily. Sports performance is extremely dynamic, requiring ongoing evaluation on how to create solutions to near-term problems for long-term results. 

Default to Action. "People doubt what you say, but believe what you do." We must prove our value every day and we do this through continuous action to lead, serve and compete. 

Think You Have What It Takes

We are currently looking for the following positions

Job Openings Coming Soon..

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach  (Full Time, Eagan, MN)
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach  (Part Time, Eagan, MN)
  • Fastpitch Player Development (Part Time, Eagan, MN)