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MASH Fall Teams compete at every age level in the fall.  We focus on team and individual player development throughout the fall. MASH Players are exposed to the best coaches, facilities and resources in the state of Minnesota. We have created a system of development for success both on and off the field. There is no comparison to the quality and individual attention every family will receive in our program.

Fall Tryouts take place in June. Tryout Registration will begin in April. 

Fall 2018 Tryouts

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MASH Fall Select Team players have invaluable resources throughout the season. They include:

  • Full time Coaching Staff
  • MASH Facility Access August 1 - October 31
    • Designated times for Development
    • Designated times for Open Access
  • Player | Coach Meeting - Year in Review
  • Intro to MASH Performance 

*does not include full MASH Performance Membership

10U-11U Teams 12U-13U Teams 14U-15U Teams 16U-18U Teams
COACHING 2 Coaches 2 Coaches 2 Coaches 2 Coaches
TEAM PRACTICE 1x/week 2x/week 2x/week 2x/week
SKILL DEVELOPMENT Optional 1x/week 2x/week 2x/week
FACILITY ACCESS Aug 1 - Oct 31 Aug 1 - Oct 31 Aug 1 - Oct 31 Aug 1 - Oct 31
Fall League (Sunday's 9/9 - 930)) 8 games 8 games 8 games 8 games
League Tournament 2+ games (Oct 6-7) 2+ games (Oct 6-7) 2+ games (Oct 6-7) 2+ games (Oct 6-7)
Fall Club Championships (local) 3+ games (Aug 17-19) 3+ games (Aug 17-19) 3+ games (Aug 17-19) 3+ games (Oct 13-14)
Great Lakes Tournament (local) Optional Optional 3+ games (Oct 13-14) 3+ games (Aug 17-19)

* Pricing does not include uniform kits. All uniforms sold separately. MASH Baseball uniforms are in stock for two full years beginning 1/1/2018

Tom Buske

Tom Buske

Phone: 612-803-0786