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Offseason Pitching Programs run from November 15 - March 15 with the option to extend to May 15 this year due to the high school start date. Players will receive individualized programming based on movement analysis, pitching mechanics and current pitch design. We will leverage Rapsodo technology to accurately evaluate our players. There are two options - The IDEAL Program and the 2X Week Program. More information on each program is found below. 

IDEAL Program

The IDEAL Program is an invitation only program, providing a complete pitching development plan - including both strength training and pitching development. 

HIGH SCHOOL IDEAL is perfect for athletes 9th grade and older, looking to become an elite level thrower. Athletes will have access up to 5 days per week to work on arm patterning, arm strength and pitch design. 

YOUTH IDEAL is perfect for athletes 8th grade and younger, looking to improve their overall strength, learn arm health and recovery tactics and focus on improving mechanics to gain velocity.


Program Details:
November 15 - March 15 (option to extend to May 15)
High School - $249/month + MASH Performance
Youth Program - $175/month  + MASH Performance


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The 2X Week Pitching Program is for youth athletes or multi-sport athletes looking to advance their throwing patterns throughout the offseason.  Groups will meet twice per week. Every athlete is given an individualized development plan based on an assessment of current mechanics and pitch design. The program runs November 15 - March 15 annually. 

Program Details:
November 15 - March 15 (option to extend to May 15)

Group Times Available:
T/TH 5-6pm (Youth)
All Other Training Times Sold Out

Please contact Coach Tony Vocca for more information regarding our Pitching Programs.

Tony Vocca

Tony Vocca

Pitching Coordinator

Phone: 928-451-1613