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Tanner Pruett


Baseball Development


Hailing from Newman, California, Tanner established himself as a four-year varsity starter during high school, clinching the coveted Conference Pitcher of the Year title twice. After spending his freshman year of college playing at Modesto Junior College in central California, Tanner transfer to Crown College in Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota.

While at Crown College, the absence of developmental support inspired a pivotal change in his academic pursuit, shifting from Mathematics to Exercise Science. This shift aimed to apply newfound knowledge to enhance his own development which lead to being named to the All-Conference.

After graduating from Crown, Tanner invested a year in rigorous training, gearing up for a shot at Professional Baseball. After a full year of training the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League extended him an invitation to Spring Training.  After Spring training he was released and decided the next day to go full time into coaching.

Tanner's coaching philosophy adopts an ecological perspective, emphasizing the interconnected nature of movement. He delves into the environmental constraints, athlete intentions, and the intricate process of movement problem-solving. "I believe in the uniqueness of each athlete as a mover and problem solver, rejecting the notion of any athlete being labeled "broken"" His coaching approach prioritizes the athlete's voice, advocating for a strong coach-athlete relationship as a fundamental element of an athlete-centric approach.

His expertise extends to the effective utilization of technology, with tools like Trackman and Rapsodo employed in the context of individual needs. Tanner strategically uses technology to empower athletes to cultivate functional skill sets designed to secure their path to success. 


  • Performance Coach, Tread Athletics 2021-2023
  • Pitching and Strength Coach, St. Cloud State University, 2021
  • Pitching Coach/Instructor, Starters Sports Training, 2018-2021