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If you're a competitive thrower looking to elevate your performance, our Summer Collegiate Pitching Program is designed specifically for you. With a focus on pitching biomechanics, velocity, performance metrics, and more, our program offers comprehensive assessment and individualized programming to help you reach your goals.

Assessment Process: 
Our program begins with a thorough assessment. We will provide a full breakdown of your biomechanics, movement, and orthopedic screening. We will leverage industry standard Trackman data and provide a force-velocity profile. This will provide a baseline and identify areas for improvement.

Pitching Programming: 
Based on your assessment and goals, we'll develop a personalized program for you that includes movement prep, drill progression, and a customized throwing program with workload management for athletes in-season. To ensure optimal tracking of your progress, we require the use of the PULSE sensor, which is available for purchase separately. 

Performance Programming:
All athletes receive individualized performance programming based on your assessment and competitive workload requirements. We will program between two to five days per week depending on capacity.

Program Details:
Athletes are programmed from the end of their HS/Collegiate season until they arrive on campus in the fall. All athletes will have facility access from 8am-12pm daily. Pitching sessions run at 8am and 9am daily. Performance sessions run at 10am and 11am daily. 

Pitching + Performance Training: $2,400
Performance Training Only: $1,200 

Contact us to receive more information on a Collegiate Pitching Program. 

Coaching Staff & Facility

Pitching Coach: Weston Germain 
Performance CoachNate Stemper 

2015 Silver Bell Road, Suite 100
Eagan, MN, 55122
19,000 square foot state of the art facility designed to train high end athletes