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Commitment Interview: Caleb Koskie

By MASH MEDIA TEAM, 11/15/21, 2:15PM CST


How did you get exposed to your recent college commitment?

Playing on the 2024 national team, we went to Indiana and played at the grand park complex.  They  ended up coming to watch our games a few months after I went to one of there prospect camps.

What are the 3 biggest factors that contributed to this decision?

I would say the coaching staff,  the college campus itself, and the  facilities like the locker room, field, food etc.

Why do you feel this school recruited you?

They really liked the movement on my pitches and the way I run the bases and play the game.

How do you feel MASH has prepared you to excel at the next level?

The MASH Coaching staff is really supportive of everything. They really gave me the confidence to compete at the best level and play my best in ever situation.

What is your greatest memory in a MASH uniform?

Comeback walk off by JD Dobis against Top Tier in the PBR at the Rock tournament in Milwaukee. 

What is one thing you would tell your younger self if you could about developing and recruiting?

I think the biggest thing I would tell myself would be to keep competing. Whether you're having a good day or bad day, if you're always in the competitive mindset, you're giving yourself a shot to win. 

What golden nuggets can you give to others about the recruiting process?

Market yourself as much as possible, it's becoming a huge part of the recruiting process so make sure you're taking advantage of all your resources. 

Who are your biggest influences?

Easy, my Dad. The reason I play the way I do is because of my dad.

Now that you have committed..... How do you plan to prepare yourself?

Continue to get stronger and keep developing myself.  A lot of people think that committing is the end result when in reality it's just the beginning. 

Favorite quote

“Winners win”- Tony Vocca